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Welcome to 21st MD

The Doctor is in. 

“Take Control of your health”

Welcome to 21st MD

The Doctor is in. 

“Take Control of your health”

Our Mission

To empower you to take control of your health

To promote prevention and wellness; increase consumer awareness of digital health

To train healthcare providers in the art of the virtual visit to expand access to high quality care

To use technology to disrupt current healthcare

The Doctor is “In”


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Food as Medicine

“You are what you eat” . “Food as Medicine”.  Have you seriously thought about the impact of your food choices?

Preventive Screenings

75-85% chronic, non-communicable diseases are preventable. Chronic diseases such as hypertension ( high blood pressure) , diabetes, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) and obesity are on the rise across the globe. The bad news is: our lifestyle is killing us!  The good news is: with information and behavior change, we have the power to reverse this trend.

Virtual Training for Providers

21stMD offers both on site and virtual training workshops in telemedicine . For those interested in incorporating telemedicine into a new or established practice, “The Art of the Virtual Visit” will give you the tools to conduct a high quality virtual encounter with the objective of maximizing patient engagement.

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